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- Urban Gardening [MARCH - ongoing]
 In the upcoming time the Voorstraat #183 will feature composting, recycled greenhouses and more experiments to turn the red-brick street into a more green and food-producing place. After our research and experiments the community will be included in the form of workshops and expanding the urban garden to the street, accessible for everyone. Expect more on this soon on the blog!

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Diary 02/07/2010

Today we have been to the office of Franz, an architect in Dordrecht that works with alternative materials and techniques. He explained us a house he is doing that has its walls made out of paper. According to him this type of construction is cleaner, faster and cheaper.

He gave us some names of people and organizations that work to find alternative ways to save energy and for that they look for alternative sources.

At this point of our research we got information about people who work with food, services and now, architecture. I am wondering how much far we could get if we keep searching for alternative ways of living...

Ahh... we also got our nice outfit for the action on sunday ;-)

on the local news...


In the Voorstraat 183 has been recently established Recycle X, a project of The Patchingzone and NoordKaap, initiative that was launched in January. An international team of five artists / designers lived and worked for seven months in the street and invites residents, shop owners and visitors for a series of workshops and do-it-yourself design processes and experience. The first major project i.s.m. realized at Voorstraat 123 was the exhibition "City Parasite" with Mexican guest Gilberto Esparza. The team organized the acclaimed workshop "Talking with Plants" and with Gilberto they made a new installation 'Plantas Parlantes'. During the exhibition and the workshop was located a connection between man and nature, technology and art. Another project of Recycle X was recently developed for the Urban Explorers Festival: an interactive expedition fictional and non-fictional stories, secrets, gossip and sounds of the street for their collection. Together with local residents and businesses was a patchwork made space-filling bearing walls echoed the collected stories and secrets.
Recycle X remains active until mid-August in the street and will have a number of workshops for neighborhood organizing. Together with NoordKaap in a final project organized by Kitchen Budapest from Hungary.

meeting with Rachel

Rachel, a lovely woman that seems to like plants very much and work at Vila Augustus in Dordrecht (http://www.villa-augustus.nl/new/index-flash.html), was telling us how is the biological scene around here. She told us that many people buy biological products from Villa Augustos and that most of the products are not more expensive than in a conventional supermarket. However, the bio and sustainable products are still related to a certain "trendy" and would be great if it starts to be more popular.

She pointed the supermarket called Single. We should go there tomorrow.

After the conversation she offered herself to bring some basilicum and herbs for our action on sunday.

Was very nice to hear from her: - I like very much what are you doing.

well... at least someone.

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